Top 20 Angular Application Examples

The AngularJS websites are everywhere after its release in 2009.

Angular is widespread frameworks around the world for developing web and other applications. Most of the developers are shifted their technology to angular.

Before ignoring the angular framework for application development and thinking why to go with angular then have a look at this application once.

Let the first start with why the angular framework is so famous and get to know what is it.

What Is Angular?

A programming language JavaScript (JS) is used in Modern websites and that provides many interactive features that users have become familiar with. 

For features and keep website and online assets running smoothly, web developers typically rely on a client-side JavaScript framework

Angular is a technology providing the tools to build a web application, helps in design, and how the underlying code should be organized. Google corporation in 2010 release the JavaScript framework known as AngularJS.

It has a feature like allowing developers to easily create rich, single-page applications. Subsequent versions of AngularJS are simply called Angular.

A revamped version of the platform known as Angular 2 was published in 2016, with one of its main features being the ability to develop applications for multiple platforms, including native desktop, web, and mobile. 

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What Makes Angular Development So Good?

The Angular development environment enables developers to use modern web platform capabilities to deliver app-like experiences in the form of Progressive Web Apps. 

Developers are facilitated to reuse their code with any developers who have less knowledge on a code can also develop simple templates quickly. 

As well as choosing from a wide array of existing components, developers can extend the template language with their components. 

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Benefits of Angular Front-End Development Framework  

       * Cleaner Code  

       * Code Reusability  

       * Higher Performance  

       * Simple Architecture   

       * Better Error Handling  

       * Seamless Updates   

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Top 20 Angular Application Examples

angular application examples

Major corporations have been using Angular to create apps, many of which are now household names. 

Let us now understand which Enterprises are embracing Angular. 


Gmail is created by Google in 2004 who has later developed the Angular. Gmail uses the Angular framework after it launches in 2009.

Obviously, they use their own technology to make their application stronger and faster compared to other applications.

Moreover, Gmail is has a subscriber base of over 1.4 billion people so it is the most widely used free email service. Gmail even supports 105 different languages form recent times.

2.YouTube TV

Created with Angular 2 and launched in 2017, YouTube TV is Google’s alternative to AT&T TV Now and Hulu + Live TV, offering affordable basic access to a myriad of live programming. 

Youtube TV is available on different platforms like Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku OS, and Xbox One. In LG and Samsung it works with smart televisions also.

The YouTube Television Cloud DVR offering lets you record as much content as you want, which can be stored for up to nine months, putting an end to the storage limits that most competitors impose.


It is developed by Microsoft for free video game streaming website and service. It works on both iOS and Android devices. It is released in 2017 and developed using Angular.

With this Mixer app you are also allowed for viewing other streamers' broadcasts, commenting on streams, initiating co-hosting from your own channel, and for receiving alerts when channels you follow go live. 

It is mostly used for broadcasting content to the Mixer streaming service from a smartphone or tablet. It provides a new way to explore video games streaming where viewers and streamers come together.

The main competitor of Amazon's popular Twitch streaming service, Mixer is building an audience with huge names in the gaming industry such as Ninja, who is the most followed streamer worldwide.

4.Udacity [Programming and Web Development Online Courses]

In real times, eLearning and online courses are gaining popularity. Udacity is the world’s most widely recognized resource for eLearning. Udacity services web page is developed using Angular 4.4.4 by keeping security and seamless delivery in mind.

Udacity has a wide range of content over topics like programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, etc. Built with industry leaders, Udacity courses run 10 hours a week, to prepare you for your ideal developer job. Udacity Websites Built With Angular 2+

5.Santander Banking Application(Mobile application)

A mobile application for banking. It is made for the Brazil branch of the company. It is available for the user in all compatible devices like phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

This application is developed in angular 7 for its wide usage. It includes features like fast and secure access to banking information.

It allows you to perform an action like check your balance, deposit checks, pay bills, cancel or set up AutoPay, change your password, transfer money, and more. 

Even with the help of its online banking, you can monitor accounts, pay bills, view statements, and transfer money in just a few clicks.


Internet payment companies which are used worldwide. Paypal operates in almost all countries and supports their local language for easy accessibility and reaching core customers.

Large websites using AngularJS is another better example of the popularity of angular. With the help of angular Paypal provides fastest, safer way to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account.

Most PayPal Community website with an Angular framework by Paypal.

7.The Guardian

Popular British daily newspaper. The Guardian has more than 300 million monthly visitors for its online edition. This demand them to be updated with new and live data which leads to adding 20 thousand images to the newspaper’s CMS daily. The grid app is working with AngularJS to manage the page content and image.

This is the biggest overhead for them. To solve this they can develop grid app. This grid app stores, processes, and displays such an enormous amount of imagery content. It also processing an image processing app. It is available on GitHub as an open-source for other publishers. So it can be later adopted by other publishers with the same content management problem. 

The grid app is working with AngularJS to manage the page content and image.

8.Wix WebApps

$290.10 million revenue-generating web-based platforms that allow users to create websites. Wix has more than 50 million registered users that build and run their websites based on Wix. 

This application is developed using AngularJS technology that allows the Wix platform to build beautiful and fast-working websites.


Vevo, owned by Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group is the best way of finding high-quality music videos. 

It is built using Angular and easy to easy for users. One of the excellent platforms for hearing music and easy to use and interact with it.

10.Microsoft Office(Web)

Home of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, this one really needs no introduction. Microsoft Office Online gives you free access to all of these, in addition to OneNote, a dedicated online calendar, and OneDrive, which is a free online storage service. It is developed in TypeScript, which is a native language in Angular.


Nike is a brand that provides kit for sports activities. Nike is known for creating groundbreaking sport innovations. They make their products more sustainably, by building a creative and diverse global team and by making a positive impact in communities.

The sells oversee using their ecommerce website which is powered using angular framework. Nike official website with the Angular technology.


UpWork is another great site that provides a platform employer can find freelancers for any job at any time. A client can work, hire and interview with freelancers. This simplifies the efforts to find a suitable employee for the role.


A plastic toy manufacturing company in Danish. Which know for unique style and toys. It founded in 1949 in Billund, Denmark. They launched their first online presence in 1996. Over a time it has undergone many changes and currently it uses Angular JS for its website.


A best and notable marketplace for outsourcing. It is simple for users who just need to post the project to get their work done. It has more than 15.7 million freelancers registered on it. They will be a suitable freelancer that is portable for the client project.

Freelancer website is developed using Angular 5.1.0


HBO is a place where you can find entertainment programs from groundbreaking series, documentaries and sports to the biggest blockbuster movies available anywhere.

Some world's most innovative programming are in HBO. It is first and the best place where you can find them easily. 

HBO is the first and best place to find those programming and even people take about their shows. The angular framework to create a mobile version of its HBO used the official website. 


General Motors has worked over transportation and technology for over 100 years. They have pushed the limits of the transportation system.

In this digital world, we are thinking about the transportation revolution. For safer, better and more sustainable transport that we have built using new technology revolution.

Angular is all over the world, for this GM is one of the great examples. That is, General Motors uses Angular in their cars for a new revolution.


This is a popular website that is built on Angular. It is Established in 2000 for collection of photos and images. This becomes original source for user-generated stock photos, vectors and illustrations, and video clips. It is leading stock content marketplaces for images. It offers millions of hand-picked images at low prices.


Bi-weekly articles publishing website made with Angular 5.2.0. They publish an article related to finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. 

Even they reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, politics, and law.


Sony built the RS3 YouTube app with Angular framework. Sony is a multinational conglomerate corporation that manufactures multiple products. Their business includes electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services.


It is a beautifully designed wrapper over Wikipedia.   It comes with a fresh interface that includes a sidebar, a navigation bar, and many other user-friendly and easily navigable features. 

It is just an application that restoring one of the most popular websites in the world. Moreover, create using Angular.


After going through the above Angular application examples you will realize the power of AngularJS.  For developing web apps AngularJS is efficient as well as effective. Angular is the best choice for developing web applications.

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