How to Use LinkedIn for Business? A 8-Step Guide for Lead Generation

Having 850 million members per month in 200+ countries, LinkedIn is the largest platform in the world for networking and business lead generation.  

Here, we will discuss the step-by-step process of using LinkedIn to generate leads. 

For whom is this LinkedIn lead generation guide? 

> Are you a startup business wanting to grow your brand? 

> Are you in the B2B business industry and looking for ways to generate target leads for your company? 

> Are you an entrepreneur (B2B and B2C) and want to reach your customers and grow your revenue? 

You are in the right place. This guide will show you how to leverage your business on LinkedIn. 

Rather than being a social media platform, LinkedIn serves as a business medium to connect entrepreneurs and customers. Since it is designed for business purposes, LinkedIn is also the best platform for Job seekers to land their dream job. 

Why use LinkedIn? 

Here are some more exciting stats by Oberlo that tells the importance of LinkedIn for business growth: 

LinkedIn Statistics 1 - Infinijith

> More male users than female users: If the male audience is the main target for your business, then LinkedIn is the landing platform for you to connect with your target customers. 

> More US users: As per stats on Google, US users filled the quarter of the LinkedIn platform. Are you targeting US customers for your business? Without wasting time, start your marketing strategy on LinkedIn. 

But this does not stop you from connecting with female audiences all over the region. 

> Business on LinkedIn: Over 55+ million companies have business pages on LinkedIn, and this count is still growing in 2022. 

> Best for B2B: Next to Facebook, LinkedIn is the second-best online medium for B2B businesses and marketers. And 57% of traffic comes from the LinkedIn mobile device. 

Isn’t it amazing? That’s why LinkedIn is the perfect partner for your business. 

How to Use LinkedIn for Business & Generate Leads? 

Implement these 8 ways for LinkedIn lead generation: 

  1. Attractive and Optimized Company Profile 

The first step in growing your business on LinkedIn is, creating and optimizing your LinkedIn company profile. To do that, follow these steps: 

> You should have an individual user account on LinkedIn to create a company page. If you are new to this website, signup using your email address and create your LinkedIn personal account, or if you already have one, continue with it. 

> On the top right corner, click the ‘Work’ icon and select ‘Create a Company Page’. 

> Enter your company details like employees or team count, company type, and a well-designed logo of your business. Company Description explains to the customers about you and your offering. Hence write a clear explanation. 

> After creating the page, use the edit option and upload a banner image of your company and add other information like a website link or custom CTA button. 

  1. Network With Target Audience 

Networking is one of the essential marketing strategies, and that’s why you are on LinkedIn now. 

As discussed above, LinkedIn is a great medium to connect with your B2B and B2C customers. Find the target audience profile in a LinkedIn search and connect with them.  

Also, you can connect with like-minded people to form a trustworthy business/brand profile. 

Sharing thoughts with a same-minded network will help you improve more on business and sales. 

Leaving valuable comments or likes on their posts or sharing their content on your post are some of the must-needed tasks to start your connection with new people. 

LinkedIn Statistics 2 - Infinijith

(Image: Age Demographics of LinkedIn users. Here is the total percent of users from particular age group using LinkedIn platform)

  1. More Brand Reach -> More Leads 

Our goal in using LinkedIn is to reach the right people who will become our customers. 

To have a trustworthy brand/ business, you should provide value to your customers instead of boasting about your products or services. 

In addition to connecting with target people, write an informative post and publish it on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn posts, you can improve your brand reach. 

Instead of saying your business services or products, identify the pain points of your business and provide solutions in the post. 

Since you are offering value with the product/ services, people will focus on you & in the end, they turn into your customer. 

  1. Connect With LinkedIn Groups 

Like Facebook groups, you can join LinkedIn groups to communicate with like-minded people. Or you can join the group where your target audience lies and know their needs related to your business. 

 Voicing your value in the group will attract a larger audience.  

If you implement paid marketing strategies, the following two ways will blow your mind. 

  1. LinkedIn Campaign 

You may or may not know that you can run LinkedIn business ads similar to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Google. 

As per rough stats, out of 850 million LinkedIn users, LinkedIn ads reach 800+million users, depending on their niche, budget, and marketing strategy.  

You can either boost your published post or create a customized post for the ad. 

B2B businesses will get more revenue with this step than B2C businesses because LinkedIn is the best for connecting businesses with other business prospects. 

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an in-built tool of LinkedIn.  Subscribing to this tool is worthwhile as it will boost your marketing process to the next level. 

With the advanced lead search function, you can access the profile of your dream buyer persona. Also, it provides details about the users who visited your company page in the last 90 days. 

With this information, connecting with the target clients will become easy. 

What do you think about it? Tell me in the comments! 

  1. Drive Traffic to the Website 

You don’t need to think of multiple post ideas every day. Publishing a detailed blog on your website will be enough to create post ideas for one or two days. 

Share the blog articles on your post. It is also a valuable post and encourages LinkedIn users to visit your blog/ website. It is a win-win situation where you can get website traffic and informative posts to publish. 

Don’t forget it. We are using LinkedIn to drive customers to our business. 

Pro Tip: If you have a business medium in other social media like Instagram or Facebook but not developing your website, I have two points to say here: 

  • Hire website developer (from Infinijith) to create your dream website, as it is the only way to showcase your business and offerings. 

  • You can drive LinkedIn users to your other social media profiles (like Instagram). 

  1. Check LinkedIn Analytics 

LinkedIn Analytics is a handy feature on the LinkedIn site. Analytics is available for both personal LinkedIn accounts and LinkedIn company pages.  

Go to your dashboard of the company page and check analytics at the top of the menu. It will provide complete details about 

> New followers  

> Search Appearances – The number of times users searched for your company or industry 

> Post Impression and Unique Visitors – These show the performance of your post and the number of new visitors to your page.  

> Button Clicks- How many button clicks are done?  

> Competitor analysis- Yes, you can do this in LinkedIn analytics. You can create a competitor list here and check how they perform on LinkedIn. 

And the last best thing is this analytics feature is FREE to use for every LinkedIn user. 

Analytics tools help you find a poor-performing post for your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Use this option to increase your LinkedIn company profile growth. 

These are the ways where you have to concentrate on when planning a LinkedIn marketing strategy. 

To Wrap Up 

Have you understood the LinkedIn importance now? 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile, connect with target people, and generate organic leads via LinkedIn. 

In case you are looking for a web or mobile app developer to upgrade your company website or want to develop a new mobile app for your business, here we are. 

We develop your website and app; you grow your business sales. What do you say? Let’s connect to work together



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