Typescript vs. Javascript : Which is better?

A lot has been said, in general, of the powerfully built features of JavaScript (JS), and it can easily enhance your website’s HTML pages. While TypeScript is more a superset of JS, or let’s put it like TypeScript is sort of JavaScript with some added features. Let's have a look at TypeScript vs JavaScript head-on in this blog.  

Before getting to know how they differ from each other, what is them and how they will benefit your application.  

What is JavaScript?  

One of the most popular programming languages used in HTML and the Web development is JavaScript  

It is one of the object-based scripting languages which is also lightweight in terms of memory and support for cross-platform development.  

It is mostly suitable for creating client-side dynamic pages for the website. Whatever you code in the JavaScript language is called scripts which are commonly referred to us as the program.   

These scripts are used in the HTML pages which will be executed automatically as the page loads.   

And one more thing about these scripts is provided and executed as plain text and does not need special preparation or compilation to run.  

History of JavaScript  

Netscape Communications Corporation programmer Brendan Eich developed JavaScript but initially called Mocha that was launched in September 1995.  

After gaining a reputation as the best scripting tool, it was renamed as JavaScript which reflects Netscape's support of Java within its browser. In November 1996, Netscape submitted JavaScript to ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association).   

ECMAScript which is released in June 2018 is the current version of JavaScript.  

Features of JavaScript  

1.Server Communication:  

It gives the option for validation of user input before the page gets sent off to the server.  


Forgiving user pleasant experience, interfaces can be created where a mouse hovers by the user over the interface will produce a reaction.  

3.Low reloading speed  

It references any code immediately to the user so they can see changes within you have updated it. Developers will not need to wait for the page to reload.  

4.Date and Time:  

It has the provision of a greeting user depending on what time of day it is along with the date.  

How to use JavaScript?  

Developers can use JavaScript in an HTML file in two ways.  

  • * Embed all the JavaScript code into the HTML code.  

  • * Create a separate JavaScript file that can be called from within a Script element (enclosed by Script tags).  


TypeScript is also an open-source pure object-oriented programming language.   

It is one of the strongly typed supersets of JavaScript which can compile to plain JavaScript without much problem.  

TypeScript is not directly run on the browser. Before it needs to be compiled to compile and generate in JavaScript file.   

The TypeScript source file is in the ".ts" extension which lets to run on any devices.  

Anyone can use the ".js" file to valid the TypeScript file by renaming it to the ".ts" file.   

As we all know the ES6 version of the JavaScript with some additional features is JavaScript.  

History of TypeScript  

Microsoft under the Apache 2 license. developed the TypeScript and also maintained under it. 

Anders Hejlsberg developed TypeScript. It was first introduced to the public in the month of 1st October 2012.   

Microsoft released a new version of TypeScript 0.9 in 2013 After two years of internal development. The current version is TypeScript 3.4.5 which was released on 24 April 2019.  

Features of TypeScript  

1.Some Basic Features:  

Elementary building blocks are implements for the coding structure which is used in JavaScript. Before knowing TypeScript, you should also have knowledge of JavaScript.   

To execute its code requires conversion into the corresponding JavaScript code since it is a subset of JavaScript.  


TypeScript can run easily run on environments where JavaScript can run without any problem.  

With many browsers to the operating system, TypeScript is compatible with it.  

Even it doesn’t require any specific virtual machine or a runtime environment for execution.  


Transpiler offers the error-checking feature in TypeScript. 

You are allowed to focus on the errors on the coding before running the actual script on the compiler. This possible because it compiles the code during coding and produces compilation errors.  

4.Type Checking:  

With TypeScript, you can expect static type-checking. It is done at compile time. Anyone can locate errors while typing the code so you need not wait until the actual execution of the code.  

5. DOM Management:  

For addition and removal of elements in DOM TypeScript could be useful.  

How to use TypeScript?  

Any can write a TypeScript code in files followed with the .ts extension.   

Which is also let you write in any code editor and once it gets converted to plain JavaScript file, it can be included in the HTML and can be run on any browser.  

We have seen some basic definition and the features of both scripts, let’s now compare them and find out more about both the languages.  

Difference Between JavaScript and TypeScript 

typescript vs javascript


  1. Typescript: A powerful type of object-oriented compile language.
  2. Javascript: A high-level, interpreted programming language.

Designed & developed by:

  1. Typescript: Anders Hejlsberg at Microsoft
  2. Javascript: Brendan Eich at Netscape Communications Corpora, Mozilla Foundation, ECMA International

Light/Heavy Weight:

  1. Typescript: A highly lightweight interpreted coding language
  2. Javascript: Not as lightweight as Typescript; designed for the development of huge applications and trans compile to JS.

Server Side/ Client Side:

  1. Typescript: Particularly employed in client side.
  2. Javascript: Both client as well as server-side.

File Extension

  1. Typescript: .ts, .tsx
  2. Javascript: .js


  1. Typescript: Syntax refers to the set of rules and processes for coding or writing programs. Every programming language specifies its own bit of syntax. A type script program comprises Functions, Modules, Statement & Expressions, Variables and Comments. 
  2. JavaScript: All statements are written inside of Script tag. It requests the browser program to interpret and execute all the text that comes between these tags like a script. <script>//javascript code</script>


      1. JavaScript: Annotations not required for coding in JavaScript  

      2. TypeScript: Code must be annotated constantly to get the most out of TypeScript Features.   

Time for Coding      

     1. TypeScript: Takes time to compile the code  

     2. JavaScript: Faster coding for application  


     1. TypeScript: Has an interface which permits to connect with other applications  

     2. JavaScript: Does not have an interface to connect with other applications    

JavaScript know as a scripting language that helps anyone create interactive web pages whereas TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript.  

TypeScript code needs to be compiled while the JavaScript code doesn’t need to be compiled.  

In TypeScript it allows exploring new concepts with help of prototyping elsewhere in JavaScript it doesn't support this feature.  

Which to choose? 

  1. Typescript: As Typescript is an object-oriented language, it makes the code more reusable, simple, clean and consistent.So it is recommended to employ Typescript for building huge projects.
  2. Javascript:  JS is perfect for comparatively smaller coding projects.

On a final note...

All said and done, Typescript as well JavaScript is built with its own limitations and features.  JavaScript is a lightweight and dynamic coding language particularly for improving HTML web pages. However, it is not a full-fledged coding language. As an interpreted programming language, JS comes inside a web browser’s context.

Typescript is compiled to JS which can be employed for any JS code; therefore, Typescript comes with more benefits which makes it more commonplace and popular. We are also seeing more improvements with each release and amazing typescript features added with subsequent releases.

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