Website Development Checklist – 7 Essential Things to Consider in Your Website

Website is the brand identity of today’s business world. From selling products to providing services, every business needs a website to showcase their skills, clients' projects, and portfolio. 

Also, a well-developed website builds a strong trust for your business among your customers. Even though the mobile app is developing and plays a big role than a website, as a beginner or start-up, a website is the best and cheapest way to start their business. 

Website Development: 

Developing a website in this technology world is not a difficult process as there are many ways available online to create your dream website (identity).  

Thanks to the advanced programming languages and frameworks as these are helping the web developer to customize the website based on customer needs. Either you are a beginner who is going to hire website developer or building a website by yourself, it is important to check the following features on your website development process. 

Website Development Checklist- 7 Essential Features 

Here is the web development checklist that provides the 7 must-have features for every business website. Try to implement these features correctly to get a traffic-driven website. 

(1) Choosing Memorable Domain Name: 

A domain name is the business name for your website. Before selecting the right business name, remember the following things: 

> The name should be short, pronounceable, and memorable 

> You can either use keywords in your business name or simply a normal name. Keywords are the search terms used by the people to find products/services related to your business. But don’t use keywords as your full name as it will confuse search engines. 

> You can also choose the domain name based on your business category- simply a name that indicates your business niche. 

> Your business name should be unique and does not be a copycat of other businesses, which leads to copyright problems. 

> Before buying the domain name, make sure to check the name spelling as you can’t change it later. Otherwise, you have to buy another domain name. 

(2) Domain Hosting: 

Fast site loading is one of the main features of a website which will be achieved by hosting. You can either select the hosting partner by yourself or discuss with your developer to get the best hosting company.  While choosing the hosting partner, refer to the following: 

> A good budget-friendly hosting  

> High bandwidth to receive more traffic 

> Fastest hosting speed to have a faster loading website 

> Professional email features, and many 

(3) Target Audience and Site Appearance: 

Who is your customer group? Identify the right type of audience to get more sales done. Finding your target customer is an important step as it helps you to implement the best marketing strategy for your sales growth. Below are the factors that you can use to find the target audience: 

> Gender: Whether you are targeting male, female, or both 

> Age: Whether your target customers are below 20, between 20-40, or above 40, etc., 

> Demographics: Whether you want customers from a particular location or any regions of the world. 

> Occupation: Whether you are targeting students, or business entrepreneurs, or any specific job roles. 

By filtering the people based on these factors, you will have your target audience. With this step, you can easily create a strong marketing strategy to reach these target customers to make your sales. Also, this will help design your website based on their needs. For example, if your target audience is female, then design the site color that attracts women.  

(4) Advanced Technology: 

As said, using advanced languages and frameworks will keep your website more appealing and can help you customize things based on your ideas. 

Some of the popular programming languages that you can check for your website development are: 

> Python – Also check these top 9 applications built with Python 

> PHP 


> JavaScript, and the list goes. Choose the language that best delivers the web design as you expected. 

Some of the best frameworks that work with your programming languages are: 

> Django- best for Python language 



 > Ruby on Rails, etc., 

Discuss with the website developer and find the suitable technology for your website based on your business niche. 

(5) Easy Navigation: 

All the included navigation features should be simple to understand and easy to access. There are different navigation ways available like navigation menu, footer navigation for quickly accessible links (shortcut links to main pages), sidebar navigation (like about section, social network icons, etc.,) and site navigation to land on to the next or some other webpages. 

You don’t need to include all navigation necessarily, but use it in a wiser way to improve the quality of your website. 

(6) All UI Elements: 

UI- User Interface 

UX- User Experience 

The user interface is the page on the website where the customer lands. It should be informative and attractive. In simple, a good dashboard will decide the performance of the site. 

User experience is the experience that is attained by the customers when accessing your website. If your site fails to satisfy customer needs, then the traffic will move to your competitor’s site. To avoid these problems, check and solve the following UI features: 

> Fast loading speed 

> Easy navigation process 

> A quick filter and search option (if any products listed on the website) 

>A good portfolio and about section of your business 

> A contact page with all necessary contact details to connect with you 

> Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons to encourage people to take action on your website. Different CTA buttons are ‘Contact US’, ‘Read More’, ‘Swipe Right’, ‘Check/Buy Now’, etc., 

CTAs are different for different businesses based on their product or service niche. 

> If you are running an ecommerce website, then the ‘add to cart’ feature is essential for your customers to save the product details for future purchases. 

> If your website runs in different countries, then enabling a multi-language feature is a good decision. 

> Since you are selling products or providing services online, different payment options are appreciated. In addition to COD (for ecommerce business niche), and online payment like credit/debit cards, integrate PayPal, Stripe, and any other payment systems to offer more payment features for your customers to finish the payment process successfully. 

> Without using high-quality images and videos on your website (which will increase loading speed), try to upload medium-quality images and videos. 

> Also, test other features like tables, tools (if any integrated on the site), buttons, blocks, etc., to check whether all features are processing perfectly. 

(7) SEO-friendly Website: 

This is the last but most important feature to consider. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) process is essential as it helps your site to rank higher on search results and aids you to receive more traffic growth. Optimizing your website with SEO factors is helpful. 

> The first step to optimizing the website is content. You should have a separate blog page for your website (necessary for any kind of business). On the blog page, you can upload SEO-friendly articles (containing important keywords). This is a kind of content marketing to drive more visitors. 

> Other than articles, the content on other webpages (like product/service listing page, about page, contact page, the home page, and others) should also be optimized with keywords to increase the quality of the website 

> Not only articles but all the images and videos included on the website should contain alt-text and optimized with keywords to improve the rankings of your website. 

> Including a newsletter form helps you to collect email addresses from your customers which will be later helpful to retarget your customers with seasonal deals and offers. 

> Optimizing your portfolio page (client’s project) with essential keywords is also needs to be noted. 

>> These are the 7 essential features that should be included on your website. 

To Wrap Up: 

Creating a user-friendly and SEO-friendly website is not a big deal as we discussed above. It is a very simple process but implementing all these 7 features is important to create a quality and profitable website to receive more customers.  

Making a good website leads to build a strong brand and loyalty between your target customers which is useful to grow your sales and revenue rate. 

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