Why do you have to choose Vue.js?

If you are someone who is just baby crawling into Vue.js, it is a JS library for creating web interfaces with MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architecture pattern. If you try to relate MV pattern with Vue, the idea of Vue is perhaps similar to ‘V’ because the core library is anchored to the view layer.

This said the Vue.js library can also be called a framework having a collection of optional tools. While there is no dearth of other monolithic frameworks, Vue.js framework is completely built from scratch up to be incrementally implemented. If you have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS, then Vue.js is cakewalk for you!

In several cases, Vue.js stands as a replacement for Ember, Angular and React. It is excellent as a combination of the latest tooling and supporting libraries to render a perfect SPA (Single Page Application). To top it all, Vue’s upgrade has been rewritten with virtual DOM implementation picked from snabbdom library. This backs up quick server-side rendering, in addition to component level caching. Here is why should application built with Vue.js component library:

vue js library


Vue.js, which has a library independent from the existing frameworks, mainly goes into building UI. Supporting libraries such as –router, which is a flux-influenced library for state management, and that which is built for routing comes along with Vue.js.


Integrating Vue.js with your web project is a snap. The simplicity is because of the fact that the external libraries can be used either with or without jQuery. Thus, Vue.js library is a killer combo of structure and simplicity. 


At each point, when the variables change, it will inform their peers by default. This feature makes Vue.js quite reactive in nature.


With Vue.js framework, you can write code quickly and run straight from your browser. This feature helps you to create any complicated app making use of ES6, JSX, separate component files, routing, building, etc.


Because Vue.js is highly flexible the components are small and reusable parts of User Interface. This however, is no special as the JS frameworks were built using the same concept.

Copying competitors:

Another stand-out feature of Vue.js is that it comes with the ability to replicate what works and what doesn’t in other frameworks. As already discussed, as Vue.js is a flux-influenced library for state management, it draws inspiration from Elm. In addition to this, Vue’s components library is more or less similar with Polymer’s customer elements. 



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