7 Reasons Why ReactJS is Preferred?

Top 7 reasons why ReactJS is preferred for frontend development

If there is one JavaScript library after jQuery that is taking the developer community by storm means, it is none other than ReactJS. Introduced by Facebook in 2011, the technology is known and appreciated for building interactive user interfaces by manipulating the web applications’ DOM faster using the virtual DOM.

ReactJS is one such technology that is used by many popular brands such as Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Flipboard, Netflix, and Tesla. Why are so many successful companies and startups prefer ReactJS? Let’s discuss its proven benefits in the following section that made this JavaScript library to be a top-notch tool for react js front-end development.

why reactjs for front-end development

1. Easy to learn frontend development library

Compared to other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or Ember, ReactJS is a very lightweight library that allows you to place HTML code inside JavaScript. So, if you understand the basics of HTML and JavaScript thoroughly, learning ReactJS will be easier for you. You can also quickly start developing an outstanding web app within a couple of days just by following any ReactJS tutorial or guide.

2. Rich user-interfaces  

Building first-class user-interfaces is the key to success for any frontend development project. As such, ReactJS is considered to be the first choice for bringing out impressive UIs as the technology allows you to do it effortlessly using the declarative components. ReactJS gives the liberty to work on individual declarative components which results in user-friendly interfaces at a rapid pace.

3. Reusable components for faster development

Achieving faster development is one of the top-priority for mid-size companies and startups. ReactJS can make this objective possible by reusing components with a distinct component-based development approach. This approach lets the developers get things done quickly, thereby, enabling the companies to earn more money in less time. Also, this results in a consistent look and feel of your app and makes it easier for you to maintain and grow your codebase even with increasing complexity in building the app.  

4. Quick rendering using Virtual DOM

When developing high-level dynamic applications, you will look for quick rendering. Though JavaScript engines are fast, they still lack speed in manipulating DOM. Therefore, most frontend development JavaScript frameworks fail to provide this capability. ReactJS solves the bottleneck of updating DOM and guarantees exceptional user experiences and blazingly fast performance with virtual DOM which is a DOM kept in memory.   

5. Making SEO friendly applications

One more advantage of virtual DOM in ReactJS is its ability to make the task easier for the search engine to crawl through your web application. As you may know, the major challenge with most of the JavaScript frameworks is that they generally don’t fit perfectly with search engines. ReactJS overcome this problem by giving you an opportunity to run your app on a server, return a virtual DOM request to the browser and render it as a regular web page, thus, making it easy for search engines.

6. Build mobile apps using React Native

Learning React provides you with an added advantage of developing native apps for Android and iOS using React Native. The creator of ReactJS says that the React JavaScript library is not a ‘write once run anywhere library’, but a ‘learn once write anywhere’. This claim is really true because ReactJS enables you to use the same methodology and architecture for cross-platform mobile application development.

7. Robust developer community  

When a particular technology is adopted by more and more developers every day, it’s evident they fall in love with that technology. ReactJS is no exception to this. It has a robust community support with a large number of developers making the technology better day-by-day and helping others learn it in different ways.  

Are you choosing ReactJS for your next project?

For your app development project, not all frameworks and libraries will be the right fit. They can be fantastic tools but may not be the perfect choice for your project. That being said, ReactJS with its numerous advantages over other frameworks can make a better choice for frontend development.

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