How to Hire PHP Developer? 5 Best Tips

PHP is one of the most sophisticated programming languages for your web development process. A PHP developer is the one which helps you to turn your app idea into real-time application. It is important to hire PHP developer for your development team as they will develop scalable and data-intensive web applications. 

These PHP programmers are in demand in many places as the PHP benefits you in a lot of ways. Some of the benefits of using PHP are: 

  1. Helps your custom web application to run fast 
  2. App maintenance is simple and easy with PHP 
  3. It helps you to automate the common development tasks in the project 
  4. Inexpensive web app development language 
  5. No need of additional code during the development process 
  6. Efficient unit testing  

So, it is essential to find your PHP developer. You have to be vigilant in the selection process as you are going to find your strategic development partner. Here, you can find the best tips to hire PHP developers as soon as possible. 

How to hire PHP developers? 

Development team is the main resource for your business. You should have a team of programmers with the following: 

  • Dedicated developers who will work diligently beyond their comfort zone 

  • Have developers who are friendly to their clients 

  • Your developers should have the ability to run the team as a leader 

  • Developers should be able to maintain issues at any time. 

  • You should have additional developers to be deputed, if your coders face any illness. 

Form a group with the above-mentioned features to get a successful development team. To achieve this, here are the tips. 

Five Tips for Hiring PHP Developers: 

Follow these steps to achieve your development team goal. Let’s start. 

1. Attention About Attitude: 

Attitude Matters! 

You are well experienced with this word, attitude. Your developers should have nice attitude to work with you. Here ‘attitude’ refers to their presence of mind. If the project path changes, and developers are frustrated, then the project is going to be a deal-breaker. Choose the developers who are attentive, intelligent, but at the same time, they should have patience to get the expected project results and should be comfortable with your developmental environment. 

If they are the bridge between you and your client, then they should be friendly to manage your client requirements and queries. Select the coders who don't easily give up the project for any reasons. 

2. Check the Past Projects and Profiles: 

When you filter some reputed development companies from the list of companies available online, you have to check their company and developer profile to select the best one out of these companies. You are going to select only one company that matches your business needs. 

Past Projects: Check out their previous developed applications and projects to know how well they are professional in PHP technology.  

Also look into case studies and testimonials of that company and decide whether they are fit for your PHP app development project. If you are not clear, then it is not wrong to contact the old clients of that company (if contact resources available) to know more about that particular PHP development company and also about the developers. 

Profiles: Every company exhibits the company’s growth in their profile section. Read their profiles and find the inspiring profile. If you are happy with their company’s project, development method, their friendly nature, then proceed to the following steps. 

3. Intelligent Interview: 

Now, you have found your development company. It’s time to select your developer. For that, interview is the best way to know more about that PHP programmer. 

Remember that, you are not choosing employees for your company, instead you are going to hire PHP developer on timely basis to finish your web app development. So, you have to ask intelligent questions without making it as a normal interview process. 

>Technical skills: Interview is the best way to know the developer's skills. So start with technical questions like php frameworks, php design process, and etc. according to your application requirement. The developer should be knowledgeable in completing PHP language. 

4. Note the Important Skills: 

A) Communication: During the interview, next to technical skills, you have to analyze the developers’ communication skills. Communication is the must during the client meeting and during the developers meeting time.  

B) Decision-Making: There may be some bad time to your project due to developers’ illness or time lags. So, the developer should be capable of making quick decisions in case any issues happened during the client discussion. 

C) Learning Skills: Every programming language and framework have regular updates. When updating new techniques in PHP, the developer should be aware of and proficient with update features. So that, you can incorporate new features in your application. Also, the programmers should have interest in learning new things which motivate them to work more with new technology; that also helps to increase your app performance. 

To help you developing a good web application, we provide the 25 best PHP frameworks for your application. Choose the best. 

If you find the developer with these skills and attitude, then congrats! You have your PHP developer to develop the quality web application. 

5.Places to find the developer: 

In case you are ignorant of finding out the development companies from a list of resources available online, you can use the following media to explore the best php development company. 

Through Google or Search Engines: You can simply type the search term as ‘Hire Offshore PHP Developer’ or if you want to hire in particular region, then type ‘hire offshore php developer India’ in search engines to get the top companies list. 

Through Classified Ads: Classified as websites are so powerful as you can find many top development company names and you can select the best one. 

Through Social Media: Social media is the best platform to connect with far away companies. Here you can get the good company profiles from the old customers. 

Don’t Ignore Testimonials: Old client feedback will tell you half of the company’s nature. Hence you can also take the reviews before selecting a good company. 

Final Words: 

I hope this article helps you to figure out your PHP developer easily with the five steps. If you are looking for PHP development company in India with the above skills and features, then you can hire PHP developers from Infinijith. 

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