Importance of UI UX Design in Building Web and Mobile Applications

Scaling the business and making a profit, often difficult than product development. Even though there is a simple solution for this problem provides good user experience and user interface.  

What is User Experience (UX)?   

User Experience is what they feel while using your services. UX design is the process of improving the overall experience of the users when they interact with the application. UX creates the basic appearance of any application that helps in engaging the more users. It mainly focuses on the appearance of the application and structuring all the components and elements appropriately to create an easy flow for the user.   

What is the User Interface (UI)?   

Generally, UI is a medium between user and application. The importance of User interface (UI) development is the process of creating the interacting website or mobile application to help in engaging more users. It focuses on the app’s look and interacts with the users. Whatever that present on the screen or page like buttons, icons, and other visual elements are all is a user interface of that application.   

Different between UI and UX   

UX Makes Interfaces Useful whereas UI makes interfaces beautiful.   

UX Helps Users to accomplish Goals but UI Makes Connections with the user and services provider.   

UX is employed across products, interfaces, and services, UI is used as interfaces.   

UX design is done the first mostly, and UI design is done second sometimes simultaneously.   

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Key Components of UI/UX Design   

1. User research   

When you are into a UI/UX first thing is you need to Understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations to visit your website or app.   

You can observe through techniques or task analysis or feedback methodologies. It is important in deciding your audience and provides essential data to meet their needs.   

You need to analysis the following thing. 

Who will use your app/site?    

What are they trying to do using your application?   

What might get in their way when they connect with you?   

What are the primary business needs of visitors?   

2. Interaction Design   

It’s a conceptual design with which the user will interact with your product. It includes all aspects of design like color, font, icons, images, space, graphics, etc. It creates a well understandable communication between users and technology.   

3. Usability   

Usability is referred to as creating a user-friendly design along with information that the user wants. It concentrated on the easy navigation, efficiency of the website and effectiveness of the data present on the site.   

It is considered an important factor in engaging the user since it helps in complete user tasks precisely.   

4. Wireframing   

Wireframing is a sample application of your website. It helps in deciding the features, look, and usability of the application before it is launched. It is one of the common ways to test functionality. It also evaluates application services and their purpose.    

5. Visual Design   

Visual design is the actual design of the website that gives the complete figure to your website. The user analysis your site based on the visual they had so it is important to have a clear and simple engageable visual design. You need to select the best images, colors, icons, fonts, along with the appearance of the application, which impacts the interaction of its users.   

Why UI/UX is important for your website.  

1. Builds your brand   

UI / UX design is a great way to build strong brand awareness since it’s a way to get in touch with the user. If customers have a good experience, they’ll surely come back again to your site.  

Great service with a good interface and no connection problems then users have a good note on your application. Therefore, it is important to have a good User interface that meets users’ needs and expectations.   

2. Improves customer satisfaction.   

When you have relevant content, creative design, easy navigation, good vision, etc... then the user engages your website regularly. It also needs to have a mobile application since more people use your app, the more they use your services.  

This all makes the customer satisfied with your services. If they are satisfied with your services, then they will always recommend your app to others in which interns increase the customers. And also, they will become loyal to your brand, which increases the ROI for your business.   

3. Improve user interaction   

A good user interface is the only way of reaching out to potential clients. Also, they interact with than in many ways like conveying your design, highlighting the services you are offering, etc.... So, you need to have an imperative user interface and invest in building a great user interface. Moreover, an effective interface will make it easier for designers to understand their user’s reactions to their services.   

4. Business growth and enhancement  

Most of the startup faces the problem of slow growth or even with no sales of a long time. Too many entrepreneurs don’t know what to do at this point. One of the simplest ways to improve your business is to provide a better user experience.  

Enhancing the existing customers with a better experience is preferred than finding new customers because it’s a cost-effectiveness and profitability factor.  


Nowadays, everybody wants to experience the best technology for all their problems within a short time. Peoples change the application within the second if they find it unattractive or un-responsible. It’s all about the user experience of how you treat them more than what you offered them. You need to build a unique, attractive, and highly responsive UI for your customer to provide better UX.  




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