Enterprise Mobile App Development: A Bound To Grow Your Business.

Most players in the corporate world today understand that to grow in this ever-evolving industry, they need to adopt the new technologies and innovations that automate some processes.  

Enterprise mobile application is emerging now as it has been constantly evolving to become an integral part of an organization’s growth. Every business need applications to interact and perform a function and employee workflow is taking a vital place.  

From content management to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), different companies are opting for enterprise applications to smoothen their daily tasks and improve productivity.

A stats say the global enterprise mobility market is estimated to grow up to $500 billion by 2020.  

Here are a few something you need to know before getting an enterprise mobile application.  

What is an Enterprise App?  

Enterprise mobile app is developed to use for the business that is used to solve different problems of an enterprise. It is mostly used in complex processes.  

It may be payment processing, customer support, email marketing systems, automated billing systems, enterprise application integration and many more processes that are more related to the customer or employees.   

Enterprise applications are oftentimes complex, robust, scalable, and intended for a specific purpose. It used over the majority of tasks or inherent problems in the enterprise.  

Though there is no defined set of properties that Enterprise apps or software should have, there are some characteristics which are found common across different enterprise applications, such as  

  • * Central management  
  • * Scalability  
  • * Robustness  
  • * Business-orientation  
  • * Critical for the vision and mission of the enterprise  
  • * The interface to communicate over other enterprise software 

 Enterprise mobile applications need to be interconnected for both internal and external use. 

To put it in simple terms, in this blog we are discussing a much more detailed about enterprise application, how enterprise mobile application development was carried out and how it works. This blog also gives you clear about are challenges in enterprise app, tools, and best practices involved.  

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Why Business Need for The Enterprise App?  

Ever since enterprise mobile apps have become a necessity, the apps are constantly improving in ways to provide the most out of them. 

Enterprise benefits both users as well as businesses. So, a more mobile app development company that develops enterprise apps. The enterprise mobile application has a huge advantage for all types of industry 

Here we have stated some of them: 

Analytics for business strategies  

When you have a mobile app, businesses can track important analytics such as the number of visitors, users most viewed product, time spent on each section of the app, and a lot more. 

 Analytics helps the marketer to figure out the target audience and make sure their audience is right. 

Competitive advantage to businesses  

Still, many companies in an industry don’t use their mobile apps to the full potential and some companies don’t even have a mobile app yet to manage their business.  

Even though the competition is still quite low in this area yet it is a big advantage. It has certain benefits for your business when you work hard with mobile apps for business.  

Helping small businesses in the industry  

Mobile apps for small businesses are a tool for growth which is extremely cheap. 

Most businesses are skeptical because they don’t know how much does it cost to make an app and eventually assume it costs a lot. However, that’s not the case. The mobile app has a great impact on the growth of the business once some of the problems exactly. 

Sales and business growth 

In this competitive world the great challenge for the business to find the easiest way of marketing. Mobile applications help in developing strategies for marketing campaigns to reach peoples easily. With the increasing number of mobile users, there must be an increase in sales while satisfying user requirements. The mobile apps are very effective in ensuring progress levels within a short period. 

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What is Enterprise Applications Development?  

Enterprise application development involves a significant amount of complex data, rigorous security, and maintenance requirements to comply with, and on top of everything, they must be user-friendly.  

Enterprise mobile apps are used in many platforms across corporate networks, intranets, or the internet.  

The development process of an enterprise mobile app must consistent to move ahead. The enterprise mobile apps focus on satisfying specific business requirements that usually affect other needs in the organization since it needs a lot of time 

In essence, it’s the systematic process of designing, developing, implementing, and deploying a mobile application that serves as an instrument to manage and operate specific aspects of an enterprise.  

It believed that the development of an enterprise application is a tough job. Because enterprise applications are complex systems. 

 So, the development process needs delicate planning and expertise for doing it in the right way. If you have or opted for a developer who lacks awareness and adequate knowledge in the development phase, then it will be costly and frustrating.    

Benefits of Enterprise Apps  

Instant information exchange and sharing  

The right information at the right time makes the business more successful and stable. 

When information arrives at a time, leads may be converted into deals. Traditional systems of exchanging and sharing information create gaps, but when mobility is employed to do that, things reach concerned executives at the right time.   

The whole process of information exchanging and sharing is simplified and transactions take place in almost real-time that makes a business to rectify the problem easily.  

Process simplification and reduction of complexities  

Businesses need the supports of technology to run their operations. If you not using the dedicated enterprise applications for every task, then it will be a lengthier and weighty process. There may be a need for using several applications to complete a single task.   

The greatest advantage of enterprise applications is it streamlines several steps of a single process in a way to maintain it easier. As a result, executives can deliver better output and productivity.  

Instantly responding to opportunities  

When you have a dedicated enterprise mobile app for the processes will let you rapidly respond to opportunities.  

Whatever be the problem or situation, an enterprise mobile app will help you to respond to customers without a delay of even a single second.  

Increased productivity  

With process-specific, dedicated enterprise app, employees can connect with their work-courses without the limitations of time and place. This, of course, boosts their productivity and contributes more toward works.  

Improved service quality and responsiveness  

When you use the enterprise app to great potential, it influences the work environment by enhancing the employee’s engagement. It also provides them with updated information that lets them instantly get to work.  

If you have let enterprise apps at business intelligent purposes, then it let you with all required information that helps in converting a lead or visit into a sale.  

Even enterprise application offers much more features to your business. Have a look at Key features of enterprise ecommerce platform get to know how this app helps you in improving your business. 

Challenges on the Road of Enterprise Application Development   

Business requirements and environments  

Different business has a different aspect to deal it with their own problems. 

There can be a technological transformation taking place. Or there can be economic disruptions. Sometimes the perspective of the business changes with the person it deals with. 

Even business needs to change the path that a company follows might change owing to feedback and analysis. This simply means new workflows and requirements have to be implemented.  

This what the major problem with enterprise applications. 

It is more complicated and even when there is changing one requirement might unexpectedly affect some other requirement that lets to change the entire solution.  

And it’s not possible to predict any changes. But you can overcome it with flexible and scalable architecture which becomes more of a necessity.  


Enterprise app has a huge resource such as user data along with employee and company data, which make the security as a more important one. 

It needs security at all which begins with controlling user access to securing the resources of the application. It needs to have control over various services like user-interface services, operating system services, business process services, customer care services, etc.  

It is necessary to set user access to restrict the usage of these services to authorized users and even for employees.  

A huge resource demands to have a strong defense system that includes encryptions and firewalls at application, host and network level. It is due to the data in the enterprise are more important for the company 

Changing Technology  

Technology has changed from simple code to now Artificial intelligence. There also may research having more innovation and tools to solve the problem in a simple way.  

What we use today seems to be important now but might become out-of-date tomorrow. But an enterprise app should be ‘future-proof’ so that there is no need of reinventing.  

Artificial Intelligence, for example, is being deployed commercially in almost all industries. It also stated in Adobe, 15% of enterprises are using AI as of today, and 31% of enterprises will be using it in the next 12 months.  

It’s difficult to adopt for technology for developing the enterprise application. 

Data Encryption

One of the biggest challenges faced in enterprise application development is the proper and secure encryption of sensitive data stored on smartphones. And as mLearning is getting more and more popular at workplaces, the concept of BYOD (Bring your device) is making it more difficult for app developers to keep the data encrypted.  

Nevertheless, encryption and secure containment of data are crucial for enterprise app development because it can save the data from leakage in the case of device theft.  


In the enterprise, all the systems need to be well-linked with each other. For example, the leave management system and the payroll system must be linked for consistency across all functions.  

It’s obvious for a customer management system to use data from the sales system to figure out the sales closed at the end of the month 

Enterprise applications are a web of neatly linked functions across different sub-systems.  

It needs to build and use a smart link between applications that use the same set of data to achieve optimization in an enterprise application to avoid accessing the wrong data.  

Interoperability standards should be followed means sharing the same data that ensures consistency of the data across the process. 

It is also necessary to achieve effortless sharing and usage of data.  

Access to data

Development of the enterprise mobile application has several challenges which are faced by developers at different degrees.  

One of the most crucial and common problems is offline access to data. This has become one of the biggest challenges that are faced by the mobile app development companies, especially in big enterprises that see a need for urgent access to data even when there is no connection to any online portal.  

Things You Consider in Enterprise Mobile Application Development  

1. Understanding the requirement and the problem to be addressed  

Most developers stick to the framework that they were working for long. 

While logical, it may seem like a more natural thing to do, but no company should start working without grasping the customer’s requirements. 

 This creates a lot of back and forth in the later stage. If you have a great responsive app with a great solution but if it fails to address the actual user problem, then it will be failed. This is due to the lack of an efficient R&D strategy.  

So, it more important to do a lot of research in the user requirements part for planning the initial stage of development itself. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings later. In a nutshell, do your homework well- so that all the development prospects of your project work out well.  

If you have no idea about how mobile app is developed and what are strategies are to implement during the development phase. Don’t worry then refer our 5 Phase of mobile app development to the knowledge you in mobile app development. 

2. Keep your platform focused on the target audience   

A mobile enterprise app differs from conventional software. Even so, the approach used for results is not differentiated by many developers. It is crucial for you to first recognize one to two critical goals of developing an app.  

It is strongly recommended to identify the useful features and functions which would help you define the core of your app it addresses the user problem. It will help you to know how many does it cost to make an app.  

Whenever you feel like some feature is not in tandem with the audience you are targeting, then work towards removing that feature.  

You can further consult a technical resource during the planning phase to ensure that the outline of the project drawn out meets these goals and would reach the right audience.  

3. Use technologies to make the app work better  

Technical advancement has taken over our age and how. Mobile devices are consistently evolving, and new user features are cropping up every other day.  

A smartphone today can work on movements. It uses various advanced technologies like LTE, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-fi to help in communication. It also enhances communication between various applications either within smartphones or with other phones. 

Try to include forms and sensors while making your application to ensure a better user experience.  

If you did not have any prior knowledge of technologies and tools for developing an application, then hire a developer who can help you in all aspects. 

When you have hired the best mobile app development company, it will definitely benefit your business and help it grow. 

4. Define your criteria for your application to be meat 

Success criteria entail measurable outcomes that your project plan aims at producing.  

In simpler words, these are the items that show the kind of impact your app will have on your customers, employees, and even the stakeholders will have.  

This criterion needs to comprise goals which are made with the approval of the project sponsors. To make this a lot more efficient, you can put your focus on quantitative measures.  

This will help you in keeping your app access as well as maintain it well in the long term.   

5. Make the user experience great  

User experience is the key to facing any mobile enterprise app. Do not just assume that your users will startle by the different features you put.  

The mobile app development company in USA gives special attention to the user experience that’s make the application more successful over the years. If you don’t put enough effort in making your user experience smooth and yet make it great, then users will stop using it without another thought.  

If your user community is unhappy, then it would lead to conflict. This will cause an entirely negligible rate of interest- failing all the efforts you have made towards developing the app.  

The success of the application fully depends on the user experience so start building the great user interface from the initial stage of the development. Make sure to have an excellent UI. 

Developing these prototypes will ensure that you are on the right path and you can make a mobile solution that your users will love.  

mobile application development process

6. Have a plan for your maintenance in advance  

Whenever there is a tech innovation in the picture, we end up paying attention to the sophisticated features and sideline other things.  

For example, a maintenance budget is often ignored. However, an experienced manager will ensure that a budget for training needs and maintenance is in place right since the beginning.  

This needs to be included in your operational costs and cannot be treated otherwise. Your leadership needs to realize the total costs involved so that in case of a downfall later, your funds are ready.  

When having a better user engagement, it results in a higher overall rate of interest, and even long-term success for your app?  

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7. Explore internal marketing for It sells better 

Marketers have a different set of strategies to promote the app to attract the user and make them customers. 

If you have a new app, then you need to follow making a strong selling strategy.  

You would need to sell a mobile enterprise app to employees. If your customer is young peoples, then you need to put consistency in the promotion process. This may be a difficult task at your hand.  

Hence, adopting a slightly different approach to marketing will surely help. The best way to market your app is by leveraging internal specialists.  

You can get people from human resources, communication, marketing, or even campaign specialists to ensure that they make strategies.   

8. Include real-time framework   

Real-time data analysis will the future that needs to be implemented in the app industry. Every individual is trying to get some other forms of the real-time system involved so that data processing becomes much more comfortable.  

In this digital world, it is easy to collect real-time and maintain reliable connectivity to ensure stable performance for real-time users. Our connections now come with different packets- so that even if one fails, the other makes up for it. It is the best way to ensure that it loses no data in case the connection fails.  

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Enterprise mobile helps not only in fostering innovation but also is an excellent way to work towards employee loyalty and better productivity.   

It helps you save many hours from getting wasted on untangling malfunctioned cross-links between various sub-systems. Check how efficient is the Enterprise Application in achieving the main goal.    

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