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Online Farmer Marketplace

Online Agro marketplace for bridging the gap between farmers and consumers

The ready-to-use feature helps farmers to sell their produce without any intervention by middlemen

Agro Consumer Dashboard

Agro Consumer

  • Agro Consumer platform enables the consumers to view all the farm products in one interface and allow them to buy any kind of food products directly from the farmers.
  • Consumers can also view the informative details of food products like health tips, medication, organic food, etc.
  • Consumers can give ratings, feedbacks and suggestions about the products.

All-in-one platform

Empowering farmers by improving their incomes

Farmer Marketplace

Connecting the farmers and buyers

Farmers can connect with more consumers across a broad audience and sell their products at a fair price.

Online trading platform for farmers

Facilitates the farmers to sell their produce without any intervention by middlemen.

One-stop shop for buying farm products

A unified platform that delivers farm-fresh organic vegetables & fruits to consumers’ door.


Angular, Laravel, MySQL, HTML5 and CSS3

Creating valuable products from simple ideas

      Making just a product doesn't provide value. It has to solve the problems.
      Our Agro Deals marketplace serves that purpose.