Pros and Cons of the Angular in Web Application Development.

It’s all about 10 years for Angular from Angularjs back in existence 2009.

We know well, Angular is a framework introduced by Google. It is used globally today as one of the front-end web development frameworks. In Google to scale the process of build software products, it is used.

Even though it is one of the most popular front-end web development frameworks it has its benefits and back falls.

Before getting to know the angular advantages and disadvantages development one has to understand the architecture first which powers this framework.

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Understanding Architecture

Architecture is the main feature to consider before developing web applications.

Angular core libraries and functionalities are written in typescript and the basic building block of angular are NG Modules. NG Modules helps the user with all the functionalities needed for their applications.

Here are some components of the architecture:


Application module will act as the entry point for everything and modulate the entire domain, workflow and specific capabilities for an application.


Several components help the Angular run and develop an application. And they all connect the dom [document object model] with the “root component”.

Moreover, each component is associates with one HTML template which serves to bind functionality.


An essential part of the angular environment and helps binds the Html in the front-end application along with angular keywords or angular markups.


Help with binding markups and also Responsible for program logic.


Routing is much more like classes where all the URL direction, plumbing, and re-direction is handled. It is mainly responsible for handles piping the URL to the view.

Know lets us know about the benefits of using the angular and disadvantage of angular.

Advantages of Angular

1. Developed and Maintained by Google

Google is one of the major reasons for the existence of the angular development framework. A huge community of developers worldwide is being backed for maintaining the Angular.

2. Job demand

One of the primary reasons to learn any specific framework is the high market value for a developer alongside its complex architecture, features or support.

Angular is mostly preferred frameworks by both developers and companies for developing web applications.

3. Easy Two-way Data Binding

One way that angular is best is its two-way binding and also makes it stands out of another competing framework.

Two-way binding assures to reflect any changes in the DOM (view) get in the application and vice versa continuously.

If there are any changes in your data are detected by the angular framework then it will be immediately updated in the view. This is because the data binding technique will link your data to your view.

Another thing Angular user without end up writing a whole bunch of boilerplate code they can reuse it.

4.Robust ecosystem

Almost Angular has been in working quite a long time of 10 years, it comes with strong with many more packages, plugins, add-ons, and development tools.

You will get an exploration of a wide range of communities to work with unlimited Angular Resources.

The unlimited Resources of angular are ranges from IDEs, tooling, UI environments, Angular Universal, analytics tools, data libraries, etc.

Even if you lost in the way of developing an engaging application, there’s always a tool to help solve a problem that pops up.

5. A Well Component-based architecture with the high quality of code

As we know components based are of small pieces of an interface that are independent of each other bound together to provide a world-class experience. As of this, you will get may enduring features like

Reusability: In angular Components of similar nature are self-sufficient. Which makes the reusability of the code easier for the developers across different parts of an application.

Readability: If you are new to application development, don't panic just relax angular is there to help you out. Any can read code better and successfully apply in a faster way.

Unit-test friendly: Since here all components are independent it makes you have a better outcome with simplified unit tests, quality assurance procedures aimed at verifying the performance of the smallest parts of the application, units.

6.Iterative development support

As we are discussing advantages of angular you can't sideline this feature of the angular.

As all wish to review their idea in a short time and it made possible with the minimum viable app.

Angular is one of the finest tools for developing your minimum viable app in the fastest way. You also need to find the best developers for your MVP development to ensure your idea.

You can get benefited from less time development made possible with angular and can easily spin up a full-fledged angular application.

You can easily monitor your application progress in each stage of development since angular is based on the iterative development.

Angular is a best example of CI/CD flow [ continuous-integration & continuous-development].

Features using ahead of the time compilation concept that angular offers to you are as follows -:

· Faster rendering with any code

· Less overhead with asynchronous requests

· Reduced code size

· Spot the errors as early as possible

· Get rid of injection or cross-site scripting

7. Get along Easy with Plain HTML templates

Angular allows you to use plain Html templates for your application thus it makes development a really easy task. As we know all components are two-way binding, it will pass the HTML as DOM elements to the compiler. Hence it also pays the way for easy re-usability, manageability, and extension of templates.

Difficulty with Angular Development

1. Encountering with hierarchical tree-like architecture

Some people a bit difficult to debug sometimes with an angular framework due to its layered architecture.

Especially for the peoples who are not worked along with the n-tier architectures will find these concepts as abstruse.

The most pain point appears when some needed to encounter with debugging the scopes in a large angular application.

Angular has a deep nesting sometimes because of almost all the injectors that are used in the angular are also a hierarchical based model in nature. And you know injectors the biggest problem with nested scopes.

In some deep hierarchies do complicate matters for novice users sometimes during an enduring web application.

Angular can be slight a steep learning curve for newcomers to software development.

2. Angular is tedious and complex

Most of developer complaint frequently in the Angular development community is about how prolixity is to work with this framework. Even though the component-based architecture adds major benefits to the Angular framework, but the way components are managed is too complicated and difficult for newbies to understand.

Along with this Angular-specific 3rd party libraries and its syntax which needs additional care from developers to endeavor it. Sometimes developers may end up doing repetitive things in Angular.

3. Performance Changes

As w said above the greats advantage of angular is its two-way data binding especially on old devices.

In the meantime, angular dom-manipulation, sometimes encounter with performance tradeoff mainly due to the factor the browser will manipulate the dom elements and leads to taking off a lot of the compute resources.

But in modern-day computers with enough RAM/CPU’s and even mobile devices this is not applicable.

You can find this only with older versions were this lag may occur due to all the inherent abstraction built inside the angular

4. High Memory consuming Framework

Angular in microservices where especially in the dev community, angular apps can be pretty overloaded with its much more abstraction and features from the framework.

It is mostly compared with the other lightweight and different architectures like react and vue framework for its overweight applications. It is worth to get know Which is better between Angular and React.

Some feature like virtual DOM where changes can make easily reflects in view is missing.

Doe to its established own ecosystem couple with other frameworks is also at mercy, whereas with lightweight libraries of JavaScript which developers can easily do this role.

5. Migration

It's too easy to essay to develop codes based on the porting legacy js/jquery for angular style architecture. This becomes a major reason for enterprise style companies to not favor angular as their development framework for their application.

An iterative development cycle with new versions of angular coming out and the community adding new features may enterprises are facing challenges to finding a place in angular development.

Many new versions don't support backward compatible which is painful to upgrade for many developers.


Angular even with some drawbacks dominates web application development. Many real-time Web Application examples developed with the angular framework is a shred of evidence to see how it ruling the web application development for a long time.

The advantages and disadvantages of angular don’t make any sense until you use it yourself or make good use out of it by utilizing it in your application development process.

Even Angular might look complex but it is your regular practice you can become a master in one fine day.

It is worth considering Angular for your next web application development. You can either hire an angular developer who is an expert in dealing with it or may let out your project with Software development firms like Infinijith.

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