10 Top notch Software Ideas for Your Business in 2020

To embark on a software venture, start up ideas need to be practically possible to achieve your business goals. 

If you are planning to start a software business but know not the methodology to establish the software business, this article will help you to set up the software ideas to start your own business now. 

Software Business: 

Software is one of the booming technologies in this modern era. Entrepreneurs are launching much software frequently based on the user’s interest. Similarly, you can do this business by using smart strategies. 

10 Best Software Ideas for Start-ups and Beginners: 

The first step to initiate the software business is to choose the best software category. It needs to get aligned to your interest and attract users. This blog aims at the success formula of building a software business among the competitors. 

1. CRM Software: 

CRM is abbreviated as Customer Relationship Management. Every business needs CRM software to update their clients’ information and requirements and it is used to track the client’s project with ease. 

Development of this software will be fruitful as you can sell it to many entrepreneurs. This will enable the amateur businessmen to learn the startups, small-scale to large-scale industries. You can refer to Zoho CRM software as well. 

After having developed this particular software you can earn dual income. By getting a one-time payment method (get payment at once you sold the software) or you can make a subscription method, where your users will pay you monthly for this software service. 

2.  Food Inventory Software: 

Food is inevitable for human beings thereby it is a booming industry in which you can develop software. Many food-based industries are looking forward to the best food inventory software to manage their orders and thrive in developing the food based software business. 

Customers will throng into this software in local groceries, restaurants, social media, and in other online platforms as it is one of the most popular sectors in the world. 

Since it is one of the crowded industries, you can sell this software for a low price to get recognized by the customers easily. 

 3. Communication Software: 

Another crowd pulling software business is related to Communication which will pave the way for contacting friends, colleagues, and also managing their work from their own space. Many communication software apps are in limelight such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, etc., 

Keeping the aforementioned apps as a benchmark you can create a lot of advanced apps for the customers with unique features. 

Some of the communication software available online is not user-friendly. So, if you analyze peoples' requirements and create software based on user friendly features, then you may get more users. 

Tip: Many people want communication software with a lot of features in one platform and this can be implemented in your new communication software apps to reach more customers. 

4. Time Management Software: 

There are many crises in accomplishing a task or a target for many growing business men as they handle multiple things at a time. They face a lot of hiccups in order to complete their allocated work. It is a good opportunity to develop software that manages their time and priorities their work one after the other which will increase their productivity. 

This time management software will not only be used by businesses but also by many students who want to manage their time effectively. Thereby, the time management software developers will get a wide range of customer reach. 

You can also include many time managing tips to draw the people’s attention towards your software. You can either develop this software on online mode or offline mode, and you can also include other ideas like scheduling their work plans, etc., 

5.  Medical Software: 

Medical software development is essential for the current scenario. Since the medical field is always holding a larger part of the online industry, the medical software developers can get several opportunities. 

You can have many ideas like e-Prescribing software, e-databases to manage patient’s details and their treatments; database to manage equipment and surgical instruments of the medical treatment, etc., developing medical related software always has a good scope and you can have customers from many clinics and hospitals who are looking forward to manage their patients’ records digitally and securely. 

The main aspect to focus is, your medical software should be 100% safe as it stores the people’s health record. 

6. Health Software: 

Moving on to the next software development, the health field has a large community where many people are fitness freaks using gyms, doing exercises, to maintain their good health. 

You can create software like health management, tracking calories and diet, health tips and advice, etc., It is also a big platform with a lot of requirements that will fetch a lot of customers. But you should provide the data accurately. 

Healthcare industry rules the roost; health and medical software companies will have a great profit in future. Therefore, you can help people to manage their health periodically. 

7. Downloading Software: 

As you witness in social media or YouTube, people are not able to download videos. You can take up this idea and develop software that helps people to download images or videos from respective social media or YouTube platforms. At the same time ensure the safety of the software. 

You can also develop software that will help people to download various kinds of software at once. For example, Play Store or App Store. Likewise, you can create software that offers other software to download. 

8. Different Mobile Apps: 

Mobile application by itself is software, where you can have plenty of ideas to develop a new application. Mobile apps have users even in crisis time as it is used in all industries. Therefore, you can have an open door to many ideas. 

If you are lagging behind in mobile app ideas, kindly check here: Top 20 Mobile App Ideas 

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9. E-Learning Software

In this modern era E-learning is increasing. Many students are learning more in the E-learning software than the lessons from the books. They are looking for best learning software like BYJU’S, Udemy, etc., 

Not only students, all age people are interested in learning something new. You can tap the right age audience for your business and develop software based on their necessities. You can create software that includes lectures, many tutorials for extra-curricular activities, etc., This industry always helps you in driving home the concepts for the E learners. 

10. Booking / Ordering Software: 

People are moving towards digital systems for ordering foods or for booking tickets for their movies, travel, which is another solid base for developing software. 

You can develop booking or ordering software that helps people to make their task simple from their space. Also, many businesses will easily get customers through your software. So, you can get two-way customers like normal people and business entrepreneurs. 

Tips to Improve Your Software Business: 

1. These software helps people to make their task simple, as they rely on it. So, you have to produce safe software to use. 

2. Your software should protect the users’ details carefully. 

3. You have to update the features of the software based on trends and technologies. 

4. Create software with user-friendly UI designs. 

5. You can create software both Online and Offline mode or in different languages to attract more users. 

6. Also focus on software price; which needs to be cost effective to buy your software product. 


The aforementioned 10 ideas will help you to start your software business. If you are not confident enough at programming and technologies, or actively searching for dedicated developers to develop your software, contact us

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