Top 20 Mobile App Ideas for Your Startup Business (2022)

There is an inseparable and inextricable link between everyday life and the Mobile applications. Success doors are always open for the startup business that provides unique ideas. Your mobile app ideas should cater to the targeted customer’s requirements. 

Benefits of Developing Mobile Application: 

>The firm can market mobile applications under its own brand  

>Customer engagement will increase day by day 

>Your app needs to offer some value based ideas to the customers 

>Simple to create Mobile applications at an affordable price 

>Best platform to fuel your business profits 

It is with strong conviction that you can launch your mobile app in this new era.  

According to the stats, 42% of startups have failed as their products or applications are unfit for the people. Thereby, building a unique and useful mobile application is an important factor to be considered. 

To make your task simple and easy, hereby we provide you different innovative mobile app ideas that are popular among people. Let’s start. 

Top 20 Mobile App Ideas with Examples: 

A mobile app should comprise the following features: 

>Save time and cost 

>Be handy to everyday needs and user friendly 

>Fast loading speed with interactive UI design 

>App needs to be secured and safe 

All apps should provide the best UI design to offer better user experience to the customers.  

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Choose the best mobile application idea that will boost your startup. 

1. Communication App: 

Communication app is a common idea thereby it receives a huge response from the mobile users. Communication is the most popular medium that never ends. Contacting the person abroad and people in the vicinity of your area have become inevitable and you can build this app to get a wider audience. Remember, this function will have a large competition as there are already innumerable and popular applications available like WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc., 

People are always in touch with at least one member a day. Hence, creating communication or messaging app that is 10 times better than WhatsApp features will enhance your startup. 

2. Social Networking App: 

Messaging app is different from social networking app. In messaging application, people can contact their friends and relatives. 

But in social networking app like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which help people to make a bond with unknown members also help to build new contacts easily. Above all, this application opens new avenues to promote business with image, video, and article sharing features. 

Every business needs credits and popularity to build their brand. This app will help them a lot. Every popular social networking app is started with basic resources and it gains a huge number of audience through their failures and innovative features. If you are certain about your technical idea, you can also build your social networking application.  

3. Knowledge Networking App: 

There are people who want to share their thoughts and ideas with like-minded people. Hence, building an app that joins like-minded people together is a better thought as it is a medium competitive niche with large knowledge sharing community. 

For example, Quora and Forums are the platforms that connect people with same wave lengths. These applications are similar to social networking application but there is space for knowledge sharing and learning only. 

4. Education App: 

Education app is one of the best choices that connects millions of students at a huge platform. There are some students who want to learn beyond their text books. Apart from that, there are some home-schooling students who want to learn more. Considering the aforementioned audiences you can build an app that contains more useful topics than text books. 

You can also select a particular programming language like C, Java, Python, PHP, etc., and produce content, courses, and exercises for those who are eager to learn different programming languages for their career. 

For example: this app may be Google Classroom, Byju’s, Udemy, edX, Khan Academy, etc.  

5. Language Learning and Translator App: 

It is also an educational app but it focuses on specific niche. There are two types of content for this language application. Either you can select one or more languages like English, France, German, etc., or you can build app for these languages. Some will prefer to learn new languages and your app will be the best platform for the same. 

Another content is language translation. Nowadays most of us are facing difficulties in understanding many foreign languages. You can create an application that will translate one language into another required language. This app will receive good response from your customers. 

6. Sports and Gaming App: 

Sports application is the second most popular niche in educational app. Many are interested in sports and playing games. 

This is a kind of entertainment app to a certain group of people and a passion for the other set of people. You can create sports or gaming app in various ways: 

>Build Sports Learning App: Many people are interested to learn sports. So, you can build app where you can provide videos on how to play particular sports or games like chess, baseball, hockey and other Olympic games. 

>Build Score Sharing App: You can also build apps that will give live results about particular sports and games. Examples are Yahoo Sports, live scores, etc., 

7. Shopping App: 

Ecommerce is the most traffic driven business in an online industry. M-commerce is the mobile version of the ecommerce application. 

Build ecommerce or online shopping app like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., to become a part of the popular online business. 

You can get of lots of benefit while creating shopping app like: 

>Reach more targeted customers with ease 

>Customers will use your app at any time (24/7)  

>It is the proven traffic driven platform that never ends 

You can build an app with a particular category of products like Etsy or all category products like Amazon. Choice is yours and this app will produce expected outcomes to your business goals. 

8. Grocery App: 

Grocery App is a sub-version of shopping app but completely focusing on grocery items. This app is used by everyone all through the year. It is an essential application for everyday life. You can build an app that provides all grocery products along with shipping process. Your app will stand out from the competitor when you provide quality services to your customers. Therefore, you are able to provide reliable services to your customers and then you can build more applications for the same. 

A simple way is that you can just list out the grocery stores in the nearby locations. It will save shipping process and it is also a good idea for many of them who want to know the available products in their nearby stores. 

9. Health and Fitness App: 

Health and Fitness are becoming an essential part of everyday routines. People always care about their health and always maintain fitness to look good. Providing health care tips and fitness exercises in your app are the best way to draw people’s interest towards your applications.  

Yoga and Meditation are also a part of this application content. Either you can create tip sharing videos or you can create how to conduct courses on Yoga. Create an app to enhance the interest of the people through your application development. There are some health and fitness applications like 8Fit, Calm, Fitness Coach, etc., you can select according to your interest from the fitness application list. 

If you want to know, how to develop the best healthcare app, learn here: Healthcare Mobile App Development 

10. Food Delivery App: 

Everyone needs food but many are engrossed in their work and hardly have time to cook or to go to a restaurant. Food delivery applications come handy in this situation as it bridges the gap between food and people to take their meal on the right time. 

Food delivery apps like Swiggy, Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc., have regular customer community. You can choose this niche if you are able to provide accurate details about the hotels in the nearby locations. Along with map of the delivery person’s arrival, you have to build an app with good user-interface. 

11. Cooking App: 

Cooking is an interesting hobby for many. If an app provides different and tasty recipes with multiple cuisines, that application will have many followers. You can create cooking app with a variety of recipe sharing videos or with useful cooking tips. Some of the examples of this application are Kitchen Book, BBC Good Food, etc. 

Your cooking app can provide a list of online store details for purchasing the different cook wares. 

12. Travel App: 

Travel is a desire for all the people. From kids to adults and older persons, everyone loves to travel during their free time.  

Since there are many tourist places present in one city, people don’t know where to start their journey. Mobile Apps can help them in planning their trips; you can create a travel application that acts as a travel guide and direct the people from starting place to the destination spot in a right way. 

You can provide details about the different accommodations, restaurants, all tourist spots in a particular city, etc., by doing this you can encourage your app users to travel more and to use your application again and again. 

13. Transport App: 

Travel along with transportation is yet another wide opportunity to facilitate the journey. Transportation services are needed to relocate from one place to another. Therefore, you can create an application that offers transportation services like Uber, MyTaxi, Grab, etc., 

With transportation costs and reliable drivers, you can provide the required destination results to your mobile app users. 

14. Interior Designing App

Building a house is a dream to everyone. That too with a good interior design will fulfill their dreams completely. Whereas many lack interior designing techniques that could be implemented in their own houses, this app will serve the purpose. 

You can build an application with different attractive interior designing ideas to capture the interest of these kinds of app users. 

You can also offer designing tips to make their interior part of the house more colorful, calm, and brighter because house is the best place for everyone. 

15. Entertainment App: 

The entire human race needs to have some entertainment to make them feel relaxed and peaceful in the times of difficulty. Entertainment apps like music, games, puzzles, quiz, etc., are some of the content that you can include in your application. 

Important thing to note here is, with this kind of entertainment apps, people can exhibit their talent and this platform creates an opportunity to make them popular. The best example for this app is TikTok, where lots of people are showing their talents and gaining response from others. You can also try your hand with this application. 

16. Security Apps: 

Sensors are the useful technology to secure personal data. You can create an application with a strong source code that protects all the data from hackers. Like fingerprint sensor, face sensor, you can build an application that can be used in mobile that doesn’t have inbuilt sensor features. 

These kinds of sensors and security applications will be helpful to the elderly and handicapped persons to move from one place to the other in a secured way. 

17. NEWS App: 

People like to update themselves with the current situation of the world and technology. NEWS apps are the best medium for a lot of people who have hectic schedule with less time to watch NEWS channel in TV. 

So, you can create NEWS application that shows all kinds of news in different languages or you can also provide information as it is available in the Newspaper. The best apps for your reference are Inshorts, The Hindu, Chronicle, etc. 

Even though many social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit are generating NEWS, people also love to use the above-mentioned applications to get detailed information. 

18. Map App: 

Google Maps is the best application for everyone who is new to a particular place or a country. You can also create a Map App that shows the exact location with right starting and destination points. 

Even if you are not able to build an app like Google Map, you can choose a particular city or a place and you can provide the accurate locations of them. This will help the people who are new to those places. But your app should be legally approved and it must not show irrelevant places. This will enhance the people to navigate using your application. 

19. Money Saving App: 

Money is the most important part of human life. Many people spend money recklessly with little care about their savings and are spendthrifts. 

To save their hard earned money, you can create an application that indicates whether their expenditure is in line with their earnings with the balance amount.  

For example, Infinijith is offering its users a money saving and managing app called Quick CashFlow that allows their users to know their balance amount after spending for every purchase. Likewise, you can also create a financial app as it is the need of the hour. 

20. E-Trading App: 

E-Trading is always a notable industry. You can build apps for e-trading or stock marketing to cover those audiences. Robinhood and Stash are some of the apps that have user community.  

You can build an app that provides specific details about everyday stock marketing and the ways and means to trade online with ease, etc., 

These are the 20 mobile app ideas that provide a plethora of choices for you to opt for your startup business. You can create all these mobile apps both in Android, and iOS platforms.  

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Therefore, choose the best mobile app idea from the above list and launch your mobile application to get success in your startup business. Get free consultation now.  



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