How does Reactjs Benefit Your Application in 2022?

Front-end development is developing a lot with new technologies and frameworks to enhance the performance of the application. 

From a lot of frameworks available, app developers and entrepreneurs are confused with the options to choose. Even Angular is the popular framework, there is an equal competitor to Angular (i.e.) React js. Here, you will find the reasons for using React js as your app framework. Let’s start. 

React js: 

Developed by Facebook and its community, react js is one of the most famous front-end development frameworks for developing user-interfaces. Stats reveals that, from 10,000 top most websites, 5.6% of websites are built with react js. Now, we will discuss the features of react js. 

Features of React js: 

React js is having a large set of developer community as it provides the following features to its users. 


Simplicity is the main feature of react js. It is a component-based approach and has reusable codes. It uses JSX files in the app that help the developers to learn React js with easy codes. It- being simple, easy to learn, and code-attracts more developers to this reactjs community. 


Everyone needs good performing application. In this case, react js is a perfect one as it is a high performing framework for application. This is because, react js is having virtual DOM. 

Virtual DOM: 

Virtual DOM is the stores in the memory which takes care of HTML, XHTML, and XML codes. Whenever the developer creates a component, it is not stored in DOM. Instead, the component is accessed in virtual DOM, that makes React js to perform faster and smoother. 


React js is following one-way data binding structure that means the data in the app will flow unidirectional. This makes the app to perform more efficient than any other frameworks. 


As said, React js is all about the component-based approach framework that is easier to learn and it is the best framework for beginners to start their front-end development process. 

How does React js benefit Your Application? 

The following 8 points will show you the benefits of React js. 

1. Speed 

2. Flexible and Simple 

3. Rich Interfaces 

4. Rendering Framework 

5. SEO-Friendly Feature 

6. Stability in Code 

7. Developer Toolset 

8. Large Developer Community 

1. Speed: 

With the help of React js, developers will take care of both front-end and back-end individually that provides high speed to the application. Even multiple developers made different codes and grouped together the logic of the app that will not be lost.  

2. Flexible and Simple: 

Every business entrepreneur wants to save time and money. So, React js helps them to save these as it is simple and flexible to all modular code structure. React js is very easy to maintain and the code is reusable to save time. 

As said before, compared to Angular, Vue.js, and other popular front-end frameworks, React js is the simple to learn framework. 

3. Rich Interfaces: 

This is a big topic to deal with. User interfaces are the major feature in all the applications. A simple user-interface design will turn the visitors into customers. UI has the power to attract the customers as it is the door to your web app or mobile app. You have to provide customer-friendly interfaces to get more customers. 

React js is helping you by providing high quality library files and codes to make rich user-interfaces. In simple, React js is meant for building user-interfaces for your application. All these interface features are achieved with the help of React components. 

4. Rendering Framework: 

React js is following the DOM structure. If there are any changes in the first part of the app, it will affect the later part of the application. To solve this, Facebook created React js with virtual DOM that helps to manage all app structure evenly. Hence developer can develop complex and high loading application with the help of React js. This makes the app to have better user experience. 

5. SEO Friendly Feature: 

SEO is the process of ranking websites on top of Google or other search engines. React js is created with SEO friendly feature, this means that the website made up of React js will have slow loading time and high-quality performance which results in top of search result pages. 

6. Stability in Code: 

Since React js is unidirectional, the app structure flows from parent to child category and not vice versa. Hence, if the developer makes any changes, it does not attack the base parent category and the specifically changed component will be updated with the respective app structure.  Therefore, this data flow helps the app to maintain stable code and smoothens the app performance. 

7. Developer Toolset: 

Developer will use the new technologies and test whether it is useful for them or not. Understanding this need, Facebook created React js along with tested chrome and react toolset for developers. The default toolset, library files, and component structure help the developer to build their expected application. 

8. Large Developer Community: 

Having high rating in GitHub, and friendly features, React js formed its own developer community. Many popular platforms like YouTube, Quora, and many other forum discussions are helping the beginners and intermediates to become React js experts. All the discussions will solve your queries regarding react and help you to build react based application. Thus, it is a leading front-end development framework. 

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Examples of React js: 

The following websites or web apps are using React js as one of their technological stacks: 








>Tesla, etc., 

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Final Words: 

If you want to build customized and rich user-interface for your web application, then React js is the best framework to develop your front-end of the app. 

It provides you SEO-friendly feature to rank top in search results and also helps developer with simple and reusable codes. The above 8 points have shown you how React js benefits your app in a detailed way.  

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